Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Harps Savings
Cool Whip-$1.25
Coffee Mate 16 oz $1.85-$1.00 printable coupon on
Hiland Sour Cream $1.99-.45Sunday paper coupon doubled+$1.09
I Can't Believe it's not butter spray-$1.87-.50 coupon from Sunday paper coupon doubled.
My total bill said a savings of 63% or $5.30

I also visited Aldi to pick up a few things
Cheese $1.29
Sweet Potatoes .99 for a bag of 6

Target was my last stop for the day.
Target has Folgers coffee the big size for $6 it was on sale for over $7 at Harps
Tyson breaded honey BBQ strips$5.99-$1.00 coupon from Sunday paper $4.99
Land-O-Lakes Butter $2.00-.55 online coupon =$1.45
I've learned to watch for specials and save. It takes time but in the long run will save $.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

After reading the sunday newspaper there are a few great deals at Walgrees.
The Skintimate Shave Gel is on sale for $2.99 and after you purchase it you will see register rewards for $3.00.

Reynolds Aluminum Foil-.99 ater rebates and $1.00 coupon from last weeks paper=Free

The Bic Razors are also on sale and with the coupon from last weeks paper should be around a dollar or two. I will check into this and post additional deals later.

Target- Land-O-Lakes Butter$2 -$.55 coupo =$1.45( which is less than the Aldi sale for the off brand of butter)

Also Aldi has a 3lb bag of sweet potatoes for $ .99 and 8oz cheese blocks for $1.29.
Check out to enter to win a free office makeover from Office Depot. The movie Monsters vs Aliens was great! I saw it yesterday at the Razorback at 5:20p.m. The line was out the door for the 5:40p.m. showing.

Dillard's is having an extra 50% off most of their clearance items and you can save big on purses by donating a used purse. They usually don't even ask you to do this. At the Fayetteville Dillard's there were Coach wrist purses as low as $45!