Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Target Deals for 8/4/09
Glade fabric and air freshner $2 target coupon on item Sunday paperbuy 1 get 1 free $.75 each retail $3.49 each.
Lysol all purpose cleaner $1.69 -$.50 Sunday paper coupon $1.19 each.
Electrasol $6.69-$2.50 coupon from paper $4.19 this is for the larger size of powerballs.
Baked Lays $1.00 paper coupon and $.50 coupon from Target.com $1.83
Archer farms crackers $1.00 Target coupon from Target.com $1.49
Pecan Sandies $1.00 coupon $1.54
Chex breakfast bars $.75 paper coupon $1.74
Cheerios $3 and if you buy 3 boxes you will get a 4th free. So, if you go in with friends and $.75 paper coupons you could save big!
Also check out the great clearance deals on old El Paso items.
Men's razors $4 from paper and $4 from Target coupon mail booklet final cost for 4 refills on Quatro pro $1.94
Mighty dog free dog food coupon
All toys I bought for Christmas gifts were 75% off!
Total spent$31.97
Total saved $24.11
So that is about a 75% savings!
I just have to share this with you. The other night the manager at Wal-Greens said. "I bet you shop here a lot." I said yes. And that night I saved around 50% off my purchases! We are spending our money wisely!

Walgreens and Target Deals

I need to apologize for not posting for quite some time. Summer flies by when your having fun.

Walgreens has been running a 15% off coupon on Friday's. Check their web site for this great coupon. You must check out at the photo counter or cosmetics counter for this to work. Also, you get 20% off of Walgreens brand items. Remember you can have 1 Walgreens coupon and 1 MFG coupon per item.

I was at Walgreens the other night and they are giving $10 in Register Rewards for $20 in Dr. Scholls purchases in a past Sunday's paper there were $5 off coupons for 2 product purchases. Which would be around $5 for 2 gel inserts. Essentially it is like paying $2.50 a pair!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Walgreens (Better Deals)

This morning I went to Walgreens with my $5 off $25 coupon and $1.00 Dove Coupon and $1.00 Dr. Pepper Coupon in hand.
If you want the best and most frugal way to earn the RR for dove do the following
Buy -6 body mist they are $2.99 go to the perfume counter and ask for 6 $1.50 coupon from Walgreens.They are just sitting on the counter at the Mall Avenue Walgreens so you don't even have to ask! This will make them $1.49 each which you wil spend $8.94 on all 6 and get $10 in RR so essentially they are FREE! They make great gift items. OK, so you have $8.94-$1.00 Sunday paper coupon =$7.94 already and need to spend $25. I suggest purchasing the 4-12 packs for $14- coupon (I found this inside one of the boxes) $13 so your up to $20.94. I would check the Register Rewards (RR's) for other items they are listed below the items in Red, be careful and read the fine print they try to trick you with fine print. The Oreo cookies have a RR and I think are $2.50 each-I'm not sure how many you would need to purchase for the RR but if you bought 2 for $5, then you would have spent $25-$5 coupon =$20 and have over $10 in RR! So it is like spending $10 for all the items listed above.

Also, If you want to purchase 6 dove soap items that would work too. I think it specifies the 2 pack or larger. The 2 packs are on sale for $2.24. It would be great if it worked on the single $.99 bar because you could spend $6 and get $10 in RR!

If you would rather spend money on last chance deals, I noticed several new orange stickers around the store.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hurry and sign up for Walgreens Coupons

Wednesday and Thursday Walgreens is giving $5 off your purchase of $25!
Here is my plan of action
Buy 4- 12 packs $14- $1.00 coupon =$13
Buy 8 packs of dove soap fo $2.24 and use 8$1 coupons from Sunday papers just over $10
Receive $10 in RR for future purchase
Total so far $23 + Dove deode or body spray Walgreens coupon $1.50 my coupon from Sunday paper $1.00 total? I need to spend $2 on something I will let you know what I decide to buy! After all is said and done total $15 spent and $10 RR so $5 for all items listed above!
Also Walgreens have new printable coupons online!http://print.coupons.com/couponweb/Offers.aspx?pid=13473&zid=cs27&nid=10&_requestid=313794&bid=alk060920063405525504714512

Wal-Mart Deals for 6/9/09 / Target Deals/Walgreens

The Wal-Mart deals vary by store. I usually shop at the Mall Avenue store.
Ritz crackers -$2.50 get 1 box of Artisian Crackers FREE a $2.00 Value
Kashi Go Lean Waffles- I signed up for coupons on their web site and they sent me a few $1.50 coupons go to www.kashi.com and join. $1.04 after coupon.
Lay's kettle chips-$2.50
Chinette Plates- use $2.00 coupon from Sunday paper on lunch plates final cost $.66 for 36 plates less than 2 cents for each plate!
Hiland cottage cheese-$1.87 after $.55 coupon from Sunday paper.
7 up $2.98-$1.00 coupon (thanks Heather from NWA Deals)=$1.98 for a 12 pack
Pilsbury refrigerated pizza crust $1.25-$.40 Sunday paper coupon-$.85
Mushrooms $.68
Tomato sauce $.42
Great value Mozz. cheese $1.78
Pizza total $3.73 ( we plan to add sausage but already had purchased it)
Warm Delights-$1.62-$1.00 coupon from paper=$.62
Bistro Pasta sauce $2.00-$1.00 coupon from Sunday paper =$1.00

Hershey Snacksters for $1.44 each for 7 snack packs
Target napkins $1.07 after $.50 target coupon
Target farmer's market tote in red, green, and two stripe patterns $9.99!
Doritos Chips big bags $3.00
Also, I noticed several deals on cereal.
The smart ones frozen lunch or dinners are still on sale for $1.80 each
All of the vacuum bags are on sale!

Puffs $.89 each
Ziplock 120 count sandwich bags Walgreens coupon $1.99-ziplock coupons there were several in the past weeks Sunday's papers ranging from $1.00 to $.40. ranging from $.99 to $1.59 after coupon.
Soft Soap $2.99-$.75=$2.24

Monday, June 8, 2009

Yankee Candle Sale

To save money and receive coupons register at the following web site. http://www.yankeecandle.com/coupons enter the following store number 402.

Also, I am working at COACH in the Promanade. We have the following deals
OP C tennis shoes $58, Gladiator sandals $89, OP C rain boots $39-$42.00 with tax. I have the rain boots and love them! We hav a limited selection of red and white, green and white and black and white. This is a fun job for me learning about purses and having the great discounts!

I would like to tell you about a few Walgreen deals too! Intimate KY His and Her Walgreens Sale ad $5/ Sundays coupon $5 final price $5! Also, the massage warming gel will be just over $1.25 after using the $2 coupon from last Sunday's paper.

Aldi has eggs for $.69 and blueberries for $1.49 and bananas are $.45 a lb. I bought a bunch of 6 for $.90!
Coming soon Wal-Mart Deals from Sunday night!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Savings at Walgreens

I found the following freebies at Walgreens on School in Fayetteville.

Carefree Pantiliners- FREE $1 oupon from Sunday's paper and $.99 ad in Walgreens Flier

Pringles save $1 on 2 $.44 each after coupon =FREE

Watch for the sale items at Walgreens peppercorn grinder $.25

Hair Clips $.20 for 2

I purchased ShapeDr hair spray for under $4-it is usually ove $10.

LOOK for the last chance items as well as the clearance.

T.J. Maxx- is having a huge sale on clearance items. At the front checkout they have a Nexus stand with Nexus hair care items such as hair spray for $6.99.

Yard Sales

Does anyone know when they have the vender sales from Wal-Mart. I think it was about this time last year so look in the paper for bargains. The venders live in the Parkplace edition off Mission in Fayetteille and usually advertise as vender sale. Last year I picked up new items for a few bucks.