Thursday, April 30, 2009

P & G Black and Decker Offer

Proctor and Gamble are giving away a wet/dry black and decker dustbuster
In order to qualify for the offer you must purchase two of the following items:
12 count or larger Bounty
Charmin 30 count double rolls

Mail original receipt to : Black and Decker P&G Offer, P.O. Box 6181F, Douglas, AZ 85655

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Deals

I spend less than $100 a month on groceries. Sometimes I stock up and they last longer.
Riceworks chips-$2.50-$1.00 paper coupon=$1.50
Nabisco Wheat Thins Artisan- $2.00 -Coupon buy one get one free $1.00 each
Pilsbury Brownie Mix-$1-$.35 coupon from last Sunday's paper =$.65 each
Crest Toothpaste $1(I did not have a coupon on hand for this.)
Daisy sour cream$1-$.50 coupon from paper=$.50
Great value shredded cheddar $1.50
Borden singles cheese for 28 slices-$2.68
Earth grains bread-$2.50-$.55 coupon=$1.95
(Sometimes I just do not have time to stock up at the bread store.) The bread store is always my first choice for bread. The store on 15th in Fayetteville has great deals. Also deal day for the one near Tops Shoes off 412 has deals on Tuesdays I think.

Lenny's Subs is a new sub shop near Wal-Mart on Joyce or Mall Avenue
They have a sub coupon at Furniture Factory Outlet, Ozark Literacy Council and a few other places. With this coupon you purchase one sub and two drinks and get the 2nd sub FREE!
The total for two subs and two drinks is $10.74.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Ad's


Fresh Pineapple-$1.99

Onions-$.49 a lb.

Last time I was there they had Kings Hawaiian rolls for $1.99

Walgreens has several great deals this week

Nivea Body Wash-$4.99 -Register Rewards(RR) $4.99 FREE

Rembrandt Toothpaste-$5.99-RR=FREE


Zyrtec-$18.99-$4.00 coupon in paper=$14.99

Revlon hair color=$1.99-$1.00 paper a few Sundays ago=$.99

Nestle Flipz$1.50-coupon$1.00 Sunday paper a few weeks ago=$.50

Walgreens vitamins are $1.99 each with flier coupon

Lunchmeat Oscar Meyer and Kraft cheese are $2.50 each

Campbells soup$.

3 Cereals for $7.00 -coupons $.75 from Saturday paper(Lucky Charms, Multigrain Cheerios/Honeynut Cheerios, Golden Grahams) $6.25 makes the cereal $2.08 each.

Glade Diffuser/Candle-$7.99-$4.00 coupon -$1.00 mail in Walgreens rebate=$2.99 each

Reynolds wrap-$.89- $.50 coupon =$.39

Hallmark gift paper$.39 each

Oust, Chlorox clean-up, Woolite Oxy deep, Green Works 2/$6-Oust $1 coupon from previous paper and $1.00 Green works coupon=$2 each

Irish Spring or Softsoap 2/$7 -$.50 coupon in paper- $1.00 softsoap coupon -2/$2.75

(The deals listed first are better but some people I know are picky about their body wash so I like to give people options.)

Dove or Degree-$1.99-coupon from last weeks paper on either $1=$.99 each

Raid Ant bait or spray $3.99

Last week I was at OOPs

Pure dog shampoo-$1,50

Pure cleaning spray$1.50

Transformers spiral notebooks small $.75

Tampax Tampons$3.50 for 45 count

Moon pies $.10

They had several other great deals. Trucks come in daily so go and check out their food items.

Be sure and watch the dates.

Stay tuned for Target Deals tomorrow!