Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yard Sale Ideas

I have been thinking about having a yard sale to clear out room in my closet. I have weighed the pro's and con's of doing this. The benefits of donation outweigh the pro's of actually having a yard sale. If you opt to have a yard sale keep the following things in mind.
1.) Most people are paid on the 1st or 15th of the month or every two weeks.
2.) Packaged deals catch someones eye. Package items neatly to make a deal of several items.
3.) Use bright colored signs like hot pink with black writing.
4.) When someone asks how much? Notice the closeness of the item to the person. If it is close they really already want to purchase it so start with a higher price and lower to make the person think they have a real deal.
5.) Offer a few items for men. This draws both men and women.
6.) Plan ahead and use the color dot system of pricing. If your like me you do not have hours and hours to plan for a yard sale. Place colored dots with prices listed on a large piece of poster board. Then you just have to put a dot on the items or have a price for each table. A $1 table, $3 table and so on.
7.) Plan ahead and advertise in the newspaper.
8.) Place your signs at major intersections in town directing yard sale junkies to your home.
9.) The going time for yardsales is no longer 7am opt for 8am instead.
10.) Put out a box of freebies to lure people to your sale.

Donating items
If you opt to donate items to a charity a tax incentive is in store for you. New tax laws state the items need to be in good condition. I advise people to take a few pictures just to be on the safe side.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Today I made the following purchases at Walgreens
Colgate Whitening Sensitive $4.49= tax- Register Rewards($4.49)=FREE
I went back and used my $4.49(Register Rewards) to purchase
2 Magic Erasers($2.50 each)-coupon from Sunday paper-$2.50
Nice and Easy hair color $2.59(clearance)-$2.00 coupon from Sunday paper $.59. Lysol Netura Air 2 pack($1.50)Walgreens coupon=$2.29 or$1.15 each I tried to use the $1 coupon from the paper but the guy at Walgreens argued with me and said it was a two pack. It says buy one get one FREE. Maybe you will have better luck than I did. Anyway, I spent $2.43 total and saved $18.28!