Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Walgreens (Better Deals)

This morning I went to Walgreens with my $5 off $25 coupon and $1.00 Dove Coupon and $1.00 Dr. Pepper Coupon in hand.
If you want the best and most frugal way to earn the RR for dove do the following
Buy -6 body mist they are $2.99 go to the perfume counter and ask for 6 $1.50 coupon from Walgreens.They are just sitting on the counter at the Mall Avenue Walgreens so you don't even have to ask! This will make them $1.49 each which you wil spend $8.94 on all 6 and get $10 in RR so essentially they are FREE! They make great gift items. OK, so you have $8.94-$1.00 Sunday paper coupon =$7.94 already and need to spend $25. I suggest purchasing the 4-12 packs for $14- coupon (I found this inside one of the boxes) $13 so your up to $20.94. I would check the Register Rewards (RR's) for other items they are listed below the items in Red, be careful and read the fine print they try to trick you with fine print. The Oreo cookies have a RR and I think are $2.50 each-I'm not sure how many you would need to purchase for the RR but if you bought 2 for $5, then you would have spent $25-$5 coupon =$20 and have over $10 in RR! So it is like spending $10 for all the items listed above.

Also, If you want to purchase 6 dove soap items that would work too. I think it specifies the 2 pack or larger. The 2 packs are on sale for $2.24. It would be great if it worked on the single $.99 bar because you could spend $6 and get $10 in RR!

If you would rather spend money on last chance deals, I noticed several new orange stickers around the store.

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