Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hurry and sign up for Walgreens Coupons

Wednesday and Thursday Walgreens is giving $5 off your purchase of $25!
Here is my plan of action
Buy 4- 12 packs $14- $1.00 coupon =$13
Buy 8 packs of dove soap fo $2.24 and use 8$1 coupons from Sunday papers just over $10
Receive $10 in RR for future purchase
Total so far $23 + Dove deode or body spray Walgreens coupon $1.50 my coupon from Sunday paper $1.00 total? I need to spend $2 on something I will let you know what I decide to buy! After all is said and done total $15 spent and $10 RR so $5 for all items listed above!
Also Walgreens have new printable coupons online!http://print.coupons.com/couponweb/Offers.aspx?pid=13473&zid=cs27&nid=10&_requestid=313794&bid=alk060920063405525504714512

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