Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wal-Mart Deals for 6/9/09 / Target Deals/Walgreens

The Wal-Mart deals vary by store. I usually shop at the Mall Avenue store.
Ritz crackers -$2.50 get 1 box of Artisian Crackers FREE a $2.00 Value
Kashi Go Lean Waffles- I signed up for coupons on their web site and they sent me a few $1.50 coupons go to www.kashi.com and join. $1.04 after coupon.
Lay's kettle chips-$2.50
Chinette Plates- use $2.00 coupon from Sunday paper on lunch plates final cost $.66 for 36 plates less than 2 cents for each plate!
Hiland cottage cheese-$1.87 after $.55 coupon from Sunday paper.
7 up $2.98-$1.00 coupon (thanks Heather from NWA Deals)=$1.98 for a 12 pack
Pilsbury refrigerated pizza crust $1.25-$.40 Sunday paper coupon-$.85
Mushrooms $.68
Tomato sauce $.42
Great value Mozz. cheese $1.78
Pizza total $3.73 ( we plan to add sausage but already had purchased it)
Warm Delights-$1.62-$1.00 coupon from paper=$.62
Bistro Pasta sauce $2.00-$1.00 coupon from Sunday paper =$1.00

Hershey Snacksters for $1.44 each for 7 snack packs
Target napkins $1.07 after $.50 target coupon
Target farmer's market tote in red, green, and two stripe patterns $9.99!
Doritos Chips big bags $3.00
Also, I noticed several deals on cereal.
The smart ones frozen lunch or dinners are still on sale for $1.80 each
All of the vacuum bags are on sale!

Puffs $.89 each
Ziplock 120 count sandwich bags Walgreens coupon $1.99-ziplock coupons there were several in the past weeks Sunday's papers ranging from $1.00 to $.40. ranging from $.99 to $1.59 after coupon.
Soft Soap $2.99-$.75=$2.24

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